1957 Tweed Fender Champ

The tweed Champ is a rock god's staple. Clapton used one for recording "Layla". This one is mellow, aged, and blooms at every volume setting. I remember trying this one out at Cream City Music here in Milwaukee. The very first note I heard captured me; I barely played a minute before I knew it was coming home with me. This is a single-ended, simple design that just works great for recording. The tiny 8" speaker delivers deep, rich bass and bell-like harmonic overtones. I like to use a hot plate with just about every amp I track with, and this Champ has an rca output jack enabling the addition of any speaker cab you want (you need an adaptor). The first thing I did when I got this back at the studio was hook up a Marshall 4x12 loaded with original greenbacks. I just cranked the little Champ up all the way and let it rip for a good hour. Crazy great tone. The real charm of this piece is the portable yet giant tone that sits large in every mix I've tried. A favorite of my friends Tony and Mike, they often use just this amp covering a wide range of tones and genres. A desert island amp.