1951 Tweed Fender Pro

Complete with custom cowboy leather, this is a real "man's" amp.

This is a 40 watt, 6L6, tube rectified, 6sc7 harmonic generator that cannot be beat for clean, shimmery, bell-like tones that rip your face off.

Currently, there is a Jensen P12n installed with an adaptor plate as I prefer 12" drivers to 15's for Fender clean sounds. Also, I am experimenting with octal to 8 pin adaptors (preamp stage) to enable the use of miniature tube types like the 12ax7. 

One interesting feature of this circuit is the interaction of the 2 channels. When cranking one channel, the touch sensitivity can be dialed to one's liking by turning up the adjacent channel's volume pot. It's hard to explain, better to just experience.