Trident Trimix Sidecar

In the 80's this little Trident was made to compliment a larger console for tracking.

16 channel strips that have direct outs, inserts, line and mic amps with EQ. The mic amps use transformers and they have a powerful sound.  "Appetite for Destruction" was tracked and mixed through an 80 series Trident, which is similar to this sidecar. The EQ is slightly different, while the mic section is the same. 

I really enjoy using the Trident and the Langevin to get to tape or computer interface. Tracking with mic amps made with transformers is a joy. Also, mixing out of the box through 8 channels of Trident, and 20 channels of Neotek works extremely well. 

The Trident has a color while the Neotek is transparent.The Langevin, of course, is the most colored and is able to overdrive if you push it. The summing in a transformer based unit like an old Langevin is fun because one can find a sweet spot. A transparent console like the Neotek clips at hot levels, not too much to gain from overloading there, and I've read that  the Trident trimix, 70 and 80 series consoles have a less than awesome summing or master section.

I really like the sound of the EQ in the Trident. Sending stereo tracks through the Trident (to access the EQ), then routing to the Neotek's return paths while individual tracks show up on the Neotek's channels make for a big sound. I can't help but wonder what would happen if I were to access the "remix" outputs of the Trident (2 buss), allowing me to plug the entire Trident into the Langevin.