Neotek series 1e

A former radio broadcast console from the early 80's.  Apparently built after Neotek discontinued the build of the 1e series, which was a mid-to-late 70's design. I guess the radio station had a particular need. 

The split design is a primitive one, but it works well. No bells and whistles, no automation, nada. A tech friend of mine refers to these as live sound consoles, like maybe a church installation. My first exposure was with a series 3 in a studio in Chicago. WXRT had one of these when I lived there. Not to mention Albini, but I just did mention it, didn't I?

Simple, transparent, great wide open sound. Perfect to use with a tape machine. Preamps work well as a no frills transistor type. Fast and accurate, honest with excellent detail.

The sound of the EQ is powerful. It's easy to go too far. The frequency choices are all there. You can high pass at 100 while boosting 50. 

I basically use this desk as a convenient way to process a drum pass coming off of tape into Logic. A great way to fine tune the audio level and EQ so levels going in are balanced to your liking (if you choose) and some powerful analog EQ can go a long way towards lower plugin counts once in the box. When I need that dry, fat, and crispy Fleetwood Mac thing, it takes very little extra work other than the Langevin, Studer, and Neotek all used together before recording into Logic. Once there, just gates and a touch of compression, maybe a transient shaper here and there, and done.

An example of what I might do on just the Kick drum:

1. Tube Condensor type mic 

2. Langevin or Trident channel strip with EQ

3. Distressor 

4. Studer 

5. Neotek with more EQ / compression / gate

6. Logic

Then it very well may get replaced once the mixing stage is happening :)