Magnatone Amps

The pitch shifting vibrato in a Magnatone is unlike any other. Two of these in stereo might just make you dizzy. The perfect compliment to a Fender or Marshall, these amps deliver smooth, creamy, dark blankets of sound.

The M7 is a bass amp with a tweeter, while the M9 is all guitar with just a 15". The M7 was an entry level model aimed at students, no vibrato, no frills, but it sounds more aggressive than other Magnatones I've tried. The M9 takes a pedal great. I love both of these guys. Even the crazy suitcase styling is cool to me. The lit up M is super retro chic too.

I like to think of the Magnatone sound as a refined version of what the common amp was delivering back in the 60's, while the more accessible Fenders and Marshalls were making their marks being bright, brash, and smashing ear drums left and right. The player with more dough and schooling might choose the Magnatone. I think one could easily pull off a jazz gig with one of these, then run across town and rockabilly all night, get up the next day and record a pop tune with the same rig.

Or maybe, Magnatone priced their product higher than other amps back then to distinguish themselves; it was probably rare to find a bar band with one of these playing blues in Chicago. More likely, the combo in the jazz clubs, or the polka band in the brew house. Yup, accordions plug right into one of these just fine.

What could be better than a cheesy accordion amplified with some warbly pitch shifting vibrato?