This is a good example of using retro gear such as; tape machines, Fender Rhodes,  piano, and assorted guitar goodies to make a retro inspired piece ala Fleetwood Mac

Background sound design type bed

A.D.D. heavy, nasty guitar driven pulsating thing

A 1951 Fender Pro,  1972 Tele, and an echoplex make this a stompin' redneck  pounder


Chilled out, Spaced out vibe with plenty of holes in a laid backed groove that uses organic and canned instrumentation.

Chill piece made entirely of live instrumentation, clearly enjoying the echoplex here...



Dirt white boy blues

Hooks and riffs for shits and grins

Sad sad piece :(

Spaced tube room mics make this drum kit sound explosive, dynamic, and powerful.

All acoustic, organic, and a bit goofy