ORTF beyer 160's on the Pie-Anna

I love these Beyer mics, I use these as overheads and room mics, today I pointed them at our big fat Steinway.


You need a ton of gain to get a ribbon rockin, so it's best to pick a quiet pre usually. These mics are hyper cardiod which means excellent rejection and pin point image.


The Steinway is a huge sounding monster in a room a bit too small to handle it. Using large diaphragm mics will get way thick results in a hurry. This is great for a jazz combo, but often we are layering in complicated mixes where we would strip away most of the girth this piano throws at us. I get better results using small diaphragm condensers pointed at the hammers through transistor preamps like the ones found in the Neotek desk.


Today, I needed 6 stereo tracks of a simple riff that will ultimately be buried beneath a wall of guitars. I thought I'd try the Beyers in ORTF for kicks. The angle shown in these shots isn't quite wide enough to be official radio televesion France, but I find collapsing the angle in a bit to work better in a mix.

Cranking the pres and adding 8k shelving with the Neotek was easy, instantly gratifying, albeit with a bit of noise floor. I prefer channel strips from consoles rather than just preamps. While a lone preamp is quieter, I find the flexibility a channel offers to be more functional in everyday tracking. So I'll take the added noise floor along with the extra real estate a signal must pass through, to obtain mojo.